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About us

The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul – Zagreb

The Congregation was prepared from its beginnings to answer the missionary call of the Church and was open for mission service in the world’s most remote areas. Facing many challenges, the sisters never hesitated to reach out and serve the poor and those in need.

Formed and upheld and by their spiritual founders St. Vincent de Paul and  St Mother Louise de Marillac in spirit, charism and Holy Rules, the Sisters of Charity from Zams brought the flame of Vincentian charism first to Croatia and the countries of the southeastern Europe, later to the Americas and recently to Oceania.

Wherever the sisters have gone, they have offered education and care for the local population by means of numerous educational and formational institutions. Despite the dangers and historical turbulence in some countries, the sisters were spreading their activities through their charitable and missionary service.

Today, the Congregation has 767 sisters, out of which 669 are in Europe, 88 in South America, 6 in North America and 4 in the Solomon Islands.


In Bulgaria the sisters work in Plovdiv and Ores. They work with the sick and abandoned elderly, young girls in boarding schools, and with young people as well as with children in catechetical preparation for the sacraments.

In the north of the Ores, the sisters have developed work with children, young people, and the formation of parish catechists, as well as visiting the sick.

They founded the Association of the Widows of St Louise, which acts as a network in the villages, where every widow has a “quarter” and takes care of the sick, provides food, medicine, clothing and prepares for the sacraments.
Pastoral care is given to the catechists, sisters also teach the Bible, prepare for the sacraments applying the ecclesial community in the work of children. More frequently, Sunday Bible school is conducted with the help of catechists. Sisters organize meetings with youth, including discussions, prayer, adoration and excursions.
One sister in Plovdiv is running a boarding school for poor girls who wouldn’t be able to attend school without boarding. This activity is fully covered by donations, because the girls cannot afford any fees. Sisters are actively involved in their education, helping them to improve their learning skills.

Argentina :
Sisters of Charity from Zagreb, missionaries of St. Vincent’s love serving on the soil of South America for nearly 80 years. First 5 sisters, led by its superior Sr. Tekla Delač come to Argentina 1934th at the invitation of Father Leonard Rusković, franciscan. A short time living with the Franciscan Sisters, but then rented a modest house on Dock Sud, a poor district of the port city of Buenos Aires. A large number of Croats, mostly from Dalmatia settled in the neighborhood of immigrants, that the economic crisis has forced to leave their homeland.
They immediately realized the great needs of the people and started training – educational and charitable activities in the spirit of our Founding Father. Moving in a modest one-storey house, which over time was reconstructed and expanded according to the needs and opportunities, the sisters opened primary and vocational schools.
From the 1935th sisters began their work among the sick and needy in several hospitals and sanatoriums .
The 1939th , after being appointed to the Mother general of the congregation Mother Tekla Delač begins with the preparations for the opening of the South American Province of Christ the King, which was achieved 11th December of the same year, Province was based on the Dock Sud. The first provincial superior was sister Amalia Kozinović who tirelessly worked as a missionary in Bulgaria.

In  year 1942. Jesuit Fathers invited sisters to open the first community in Paraguay, in San Ignacio . Then in 1946. Dr. Bernardo Etchepare, director of the nursing home for mental illness in Montevideo ( Uruguay ) called our sisters to take care of patients.
Seeing sacrificial and devoted work of sisters, vocations started coming, especially from Paraguay . It was necessary to have a house for formation of candidates. And so in 1949. novitiate is open in Villa Elisa under protection of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

South American Province of Christ the King is growing, going through periods of trial, but always moving forward .
Today the Province of Christ the King has 55 sisters with perpetual vows, two novices, and 10 communities 6 School Institute, 2 hospitals, novitiate house and a missionary station.

The first sisters came from Argentina to Paraguay in 1934.  Four Croatian Sisters of Charity arrived in San Ignacio, a village located 200 kilometers from the capital city of Asuncion.
The sisters have dedicated themselves to the education of children and youth. The result of this work today is “St Vincent de Paul School“, which has 700 students. With the help of dedicated Vincentian volunteers, in 2009 they  opened a house for the elderly and abandoned people.

Solomon Islands
The Sisters of Charity of St.Vincent de Paul, Zagreb, responded to the call of Bishop Chris Cardone of the Diocese of Auki in Solomon Islands. They arrived in the Diocese of Auki, to the Holy Spirit Parish in Buma on 18th May 2011 and began their activities in Vincentian charism, serving the needy in the spirit of compassionate love and mercy.
„We are a poor and rural Diocese requesting the Vincentian charism of love and mercy to those in need. We hope that your sisters may help in the area of nursing, family life, ministry to women and Natural Family Planning “ – said Bishop Cardone in his official invitation.

Sisters of Charity act as religious sisters and nurses, helping the poorest of Solomon Islanders, providing food for the hungry, nursing the sick, comforting those who mourn, and bringing hope to the desperate.