Accommodation of volunteers

Volunteer in Buma
Published: 19.06.2013. in category: News, Projects

The Sisters of Charity in the Solomon Islands are faced daily with new demands, cries for help and the urgent concerns of many needy people. In order to respond to as many of those needs, they need the assistance of good people, ready to make a step further and set off on an adventure of love with the Lord Jesus Christ, following Him to all the ends of the world, including the Solomon Islands.

The sisters live in a small and modest wooden house and, unfortunately, do not have the possibility of accommodation for the volunteers. Yet, the Lord is sending us four brave and courageous people who want to come and join us in our mission service for some time.

Therefore we are urged to start a project of upgrading our existing house: we need two small bedrooms more and an extra bathroom, so that these volunteers can join us as soon as possible.

The total cost of the project comes to € 10,000.00.

We believe that this is only the beginning of a great future of cooperation with volunteers from Croatia and other countries.

Together we can do much more for the glory and praise of the Lord and the benefit of many people in need, in which Christ himself calls us to recognize his face.