Education Sponsorship Programme

Published: 19.06.2013. in category: News, Projects

Education has not always received the recognition it deserves in Paraguay. These days this is changing as political stability returns, although the poorer children in more rural areas still are not reached by the same opportunities in primary education, especially in terms of hours per day at school. As a result 10% to 15% of them are still illiterate. The 6 years of primary school start nominally at age 7, and education is mandatory through to age 14.


The sisters are working and running the school, which is owned by the Congregation. The school has around 300 students and 7 teachers. It is the youngest community in the Province, as it was opened only four years ago.


Two out of the seven teachers do not receive any salary from the state, which means the sisters have to provide for them. While they receive only a symbolic payment, the teachers work with real dedication in their service of their very underprivileged pupils. The children are educated in the spirit and charism of St Vincent and the teachers do their best to pass on the knowledge and love of our founders to the children.


The sisters know all the children and their families well, and because of their understanding of the families circumstances, they have initiated a special scholarship for 30 of the poorest students in our school.


Education Sponsorship Programme for 30 students:

  Monthly per student Full year per student Full year amount for 30 students
School fee 60 KN € 100 € 3000
School accessories 30 KN €   50 € 1500
Total 90 KN € 150 € 4500