Sponsor a Child in full time educaton in 2015 – closed (new applications will start in December)

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The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity continues the Project of sponsoring education of the poorest children in the Solomon Islands and Paraguay. Our sisters in these missionary stations continue their service to the poorest, share with them the burden of everyday life and are well acquainted with their greatest needs. While being intermediaries between the children and their benefactors, sisters do everything what is in their power to provide the children’s essentials and continue their education. They  are encouraged and motivated to be diligent and hardworking students so they are always sincerely grateful for the gift of education. Thanks to you, dear friends and benefactors, in the last three years we have managed to involve in this project more than 1,000 children. We thank God for this great work of love and mercy and to His leadership we entrust this year that lies ahead.

The Annual tuition for one child in 2015 is:
1. 100 € – primary school, Paraguay
2nd € 50 – primary school, Solomon Islands
3rd € 100 – secondary School, Solomon Islands
If you want to include and sponsor the project and help children to get the education they deserve, please,  fill in the registration form or contact us directly. With your gift you will leave an indelible mark of goodness in the hearts of students who would not be able to continue their education without your help. Your gift provides basic school supplies, uniforms and all fees for current school year. In their poor and difficult living environment, education gives them hope for a brighter future.
Name: Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul – Zagreb
Address: Frankopanska 17, pp 702, HR-10001, Zagreb
OIB: 09456474627
Phone: 00 385 1 4830-006
Fax: 00 385 1 4835-512
Contact person: Sr Teresita Aguilar Samudio and  Sr  Marinka Blatarić
E-mail: misije.milosrdnice@gmail.com
Web: www.misije.milosrdnice.hr


Name: Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul
Contact person: Sr  Augustine Nikolic, Marta
Mob: 006778466665
Address: PO BOX A-13 Auki, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands
E-mail: smartanikolic@gmail.com
Name: Hermanas de Caridad de San Vicente de Paul de Zagreb
Contact person: Sr M. Cristina Romero
Phone:  00595 331241-824
Address: Avda. Agustín F. de Pinedo y Aquidaban
Nº 171, Concepción – Paraguay
E-mail: prreinapaz@gmail.com
The organizer guarantees transfer of payments in full to the coordinator of the project no later than 30 April 2015. Furthermore, the benefactor will be provided with information about the sponsored child. Information about the child will include: name, age, village, class, school, number of family members and a photograph.
(Note: Unfortunately in 2014, the sisters were not able to supply the photograph for each child due to some technical difficulties they encountered in the mission stations.)
The Sisters of Charity in the Solomon Islands and Paraguay are working in very poor conditions. Internet availability is limited and it is sometimes difficult to communicate with Europe. Our sisters will, in accordance with their capabilities, do everything for you to receive information about the child you have sponsored. We ask you in advance for your understanding in case we encounter some difficulties in accomplishing the same.
– Students in the schools that are run by our sisters in the poorest parts of Paraguay are able to be educated only with your help.

-In the Solomon Islands students tender for the tuition each year and, with the help of teachers and principals, our sisters give priority to the poorest children. According to rise in number of the donors, all other registered children can be taken into account.
– Due to difficult conditions of life in these countries, we cannot guarantee that a child, whom you are helping in education this year, will be on the list for the following school year. It may happen that the family moves to another island or place, that the child changes school or because of the great poverty must quit school and find a work. Our endeavor is that all children have access to education, but we cannot always influence the decision of parents.  The family circumstances may also change for the worse so every year our sisters reassess the needs and give priority to the poorest children, especially those they know will not be able to continue their education without this support.
– Benefactors can only make connections with the child they have sponsored by contacting the project coordinator. Furthermore, we also do not recommend sending gifts to your child in order to avoid inequalities among children who received the gift and those who did not.
– To continue to support the education of the same child next year, payment for the current years’ tuition must be given fully by 31 November 2015 and the first installment for the tuition in the subsequent year is to be paid no later than 31 January 2016.

– For additional information, please contact the project organizer.
* The tuition fee is calculated according to the current exchange rate of the euro  (Croatian National Bank)
In Concepcion, our sisters work in the school, owned by the Congregation, with approximately  300 students and 7 teachers. It is the youngest community in the Province of Paraguay; opened four years ago. The sisters are taking good care for the material and spiritual needs of their employees and students. They are also receiving financial support from the government which is, unfortunately, not enough to cover school expenses and to provide free education to those who cannot pay school fees. Our sisters wrote to us: “Raise their children in the spirit of the charism of St Vincent so that they could become more sensitive of the needs of our neighbors and become grateful for every gift “. They are well informed about the family situation of their students and because of that they help the poorest children who, without that assistance, would end on the streets as beggars. Thanks to our benefactors from Croatia, in 2014 it was possible to support the education of 12 children. As addition, our sisters are also working in the parish apostolate.
Access to education is one of the most significant problems which families in the Solomon Islands encounter nowadays. The daily income of more than 80 % of the population depends exclusively on the cultivation of fresh fruits and vegetables and selling them at the local market. The modest income of the families can barely meet basic needs for food, provided that the weather conditions do not destroy their little gardens. It is therefore understandable that nothing remains for the education of children. Tuition fees and travel costs are the main obstacles which stand in the way to basic education. Most people live in rural areas and must cross great distance in order to come to the nearest school. What is even worse, up to 50% of children do not attend school regularly. It is unfortunate that the present statistics shows that only 15% of children who go to school manage to finish high school. The main reason for this is that families simply do not have money to pay for school fees and transportation costs. Families are large (from 8 to 12 children) and even the lowest tuition fees for so many children represent an unmanageable problem. Elementary school is a period of six grades, after which children enter high school.  High school is divided into 3 lower and 4 higher grades and the tuition fees range from € 100 to € 600, depending on the quality of school and class which student attends. The sisters with the help from Croatia, Australia, and Northern America in 2014 helped in the education of more than 500 children in high school, 100 primary school students and 100 children in pre-school.


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Account:  Družba sestara milosrdnica sv. Vinka Paulskoga – Zagreb
IBAN: HR41 2340 0091 5104 72627
 For schoolarship / Country: Paraguay or Solomon Islands

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