Faith expressed through Charity

Published: 21.11.2014. in category: News

Our community of The Sisters of Charity from Sarajevo, on 16th November 2014, was holding a special event in our convent in Uskoplje.  That day we wanted to remember all the poor, neglected and sick in faraway missionary stations.  For this occasion, our sister Teresita from Paraguay came to our convent and parish, accompanied with our Provincial superior, sister Terezija Karača and with our sisters from Livno and Mostar.

At the end of the each Holy Eucharist celebration at 8 and 11 a.m., sister Teresita held a shorter speech about missionary work of our Congregation. She expressed her joy and gratitude to all of us who care about the needs of people who live in remote parts of the world, emphasizing that in our country situation is not much better. She recalled how our sisters from the bare beginnings in a new mission joyfully accepted hard work in poverty. After that, she presented missionary work of sisters who have followed the charisma of Saint Vincent de Paul, testifying God’s goodness and merciful love toward everyone.

Prayer, penance and personal contribution of money is a sign of offering ourselves to Lord, and in that way, to our brothers and sisters. Material contribution of the individual becomes the instrument in evangelizing the entire civilization, which should be set on love. Each man requires bread in order to survive: the material and the spiritual one. Depending on our power to bestow, there will be joy of life and acceptance among people.

After Holy Mass, there was an opportunity for all the people to see some artworks in front of the church, such as advent wreaths and some other handicrafts, which our sisters had prepared for this occasion.  This sale helped the poorest ones in the missionary areas where are sisters are working.

We are grateful to the parish priest, Friar Vincent, and all his brothers’ friars who again this year opened the doors of their hearts and parish to us. Thank you all for your openness, Christian solidarity, and for your benefactions that helped a great deal to our missionary activities.  May the Lord protect you and repay you all your kindness with his immense blessing.