Thank you letter for education sponshorship in Solomon Islands

Published: 02.11.2014. in category: News, Projects

The school year in the Solomon Islands finishes in December and the new one begins at the end of January 2015. In 2014, thanks to many benefactors, Sisters of Charity in the Salomon Islands managed to help in educating 500 pupils of high school, 100 pupils of elementary school and 100 preschoolers. We are publishing here the whole letter of sister M.Augustina, Marta Nikolić in which she describes problems she encountered during this project. In addition, she notices that if somebody lost information about the child they are supporting through school, they should contact us in order to correct our mistake:


Our dear friends and supporters of our mission and missionary program for educating children!

Thanks to you and all your good hearts, this year, we managed to enroll 500 pupils into high school. However, there are some differences in the amount of scholarship from school to school since our project deals with the poorest children in 25 different schools.  In case some child’s scholarship is required to top-up, it is done later on and so far we haven’t had any bigger issues. For each and every student the money was paid directly to the principal’s office in the school or through the bank account if the school is in remote area. We have to say that children are immensely happy knowing that they can carelessly begin their education.

Dear friends, they thank you with all their hearts and they promised they will be praying for you. I sent to all of you the photo of pupils involved, although not all managed to come to take a picture.

In case you didn’t receive feedback, you should know that I had some bigger issues with my internet signal. What is worse, the system from my computer broke down so I had to work everything all over again, together with my usual daily chores: helping the ill people, driving the sick to the hospital and some other unpredictable surprises such as falling from coconut tree and some bigger complications with women while giving birth, and so on.  Also, our dear Toyota cannot be thirsty all the time and it needs some “refreshments”, refiling during great heats. This is sometimes difficult for us because the prices of fuel here can be compared to the price of the gold. Toyota is also ambulance vehicle,  funeral coach for us and whatever it is needed.


We signed 100 children in elementary school and the same number of children enrolled in the kindergarten. We are paying this in different way: it is paid for a family as a whole, not counting the number of children. Moreover, we encounter some problems while buying the uniform for school and all school supplies. It is needed to provide 500 Solomon Dollars (almost equal to Croatian Kuna) for each pupil. We managed to sort this out with God’s blessing and with the help of many good people.

We are grateful to all our benefactors who showed us their good and noble hearts. Thank you for your generosity which you expressed to the people in need. Without you, we cannot continue our work because we, the sisters, are only one part of the entire chain of goodness. This is our plea that this chain never breaks and that we can always be united in doing good deeds of love and generosity. In this way, I give thanks to all our friends and benefactors of our mission from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all the Croats from Australia.

From the rest of the means you provided us, we bought water tanks, redid some rooms, purchased school supplies, food, clothes, and footwear. There were some children who were born with anomalies and they couldn’t be breastfed so we had to buy them milk because without it they would die. One mother gave birth to triplets so they all needed to be patient with the milk that is offered in limited amounts. With God’s help, they are progressing very well, although their cradle is net of mosquitos and their house is even poorer than a tree of palm.

Once again, thank you from all my heart for everything you have done for us and I recommend myself to your prayers – that God through us makes even more good deeds for the most needed and the poorest ones here at the end of the world, our “Happy Isles”, Solomon Islands.

 Sr. M. Augustina, Marta Nikolić