Sr. Marinka Blatarić Our Missionary Sisters

s. Marinka

She was born in Varazdin 8th June 1983 She spent her childhood in St.. Francis of Assisi parish at Veliki Bukovec, lived in a small village Dubovica. she entered the Congregation 10th August In 2001. afte graduating form nursing school. She took her first religious vows on 15th March 2004th in Zagreb, the same year she began religious service as a nurse at University Hospital “Sisters of Charity” in Zagreb.  At her full time job she also studies nursing at Universty of Applied Health Studies and is active in youth work. In 2009th she tookes her perpetual vows and continues to work until on the same job until October 2010 Then she begins preparations for the departure of the mission to the Solomon Islands. 8th May 2011 she received the missionary cross and the next day departs to her first mission. After a year work in Solomon Islands  she returned to Croatia to finish her study, and the superiors entrusted her service to mission fundraising for the Congregation and work with homeless where she is still active.