Sr. Slava Vedrina Our Missionary Sisters


Mother Teresa of Paraguay

She was born in 1916th in Podgorje, Marija Bistrica. In Marija Bistrica she attended elementary school.
In Zagreb she joined the “Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St.. Vincent de Paul.” Her religious name was Slava. In 1934th She went to South America as a missionary. there she cared for the poor, the sick and abandoned people. Nicely was admitted to the new environment. They called her the “Paraguayan Mother Teresa.”
Documentary movie is made about her life “The fourth vow” by producer and director Edi Mudronja.
Sister Slava through her missionary service in Paraguay all belonged to the poor. Finding them everywhere: in hospitals, prisons, in the poorest neighborhoods, nursing homes.
Bringing them everything she had: the word of God, Communion, food, clothing, medicines, and above all herselve: her time, a kind word, gentle motherly gesture. 

Documentary film “Forth vow” about life and service of Sr. Slava Vedrina


Video with photos of Sr. Slava: