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The congregation of the Sisters of Charity are continuing their project to educate the poorest children in the Solomon Islands and Paraguay. Our sisters in these mission countries recognise the needs of those in poverty. As intermediaries between the children and their benefactors (sponsors), the sisters undertake everything in their power to provide for the essential needs of the children in order for them to receive an ongoing education. Children are encouraged and motivated to be diligent and hardworking students that are grateful for the gift of education.


The Annual tuition fee for one child is :

  1. € 100 – primary school , Paraguay
  2. € 50 – primary school , Solomon Islands
  3. € 100 – High School , Solomon Islands

If you would like to participate in the project by sponsoring the education of one child, please complete the application form below or contact us directly .

Your gift will enable a child to attend school providing them with the required basic supplies and uniforms. In their poor and difficult living environment, education gives these children hope for a brighter and happier future.

Name : Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul – Zagreb
Address : Frankopanska 17 , pp 702 , HR – 10001 Zagreb
VAT number : 09456474627
Phone : +385 1 4830 240
Mob : +385 98 399 043
Contact person : Sr. Marinko Blataric
E – mail : misije.milosrdnice @
Web :

Name : Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul
Contact person : Sr . Augustine Nikolic , Marta
Mob : +6778466665
Address : P. O. BOX A – 13 Auki , Malaita Province , Solomon Islands
E – mail :


Name : Hermanas de Caridad de San Vicente de Paul de Zagreb
Contact person : Sr. M. Cristina Romero
Tel : +595 331241-824
Address : Avda . Agustín F. de Pinedo y Aquidabán
N º 171 , Concepción – Paraguay
E – mail :

The organiser guarantees transfer of payments in full to the coordinator of the project no later than 28 February 2014. The benefactor (sponsor) will be provided with information about the sponsored child. Information about the child will include: name , age , village, class , school , number of family members and a photograph .


The Sisters of Charity in the Solomon Islands and Paraguay operate in very modest circumstances . Internet availability is limited and thus communication with Europe rendered more difficult. The sisters will, do everything within their means to provide you with information about the child you have sponsored. We ask for your understanding in the event of difficulties and delays.

– In Paraguay, the children are students in schools run by the sisters that are in the very poor areas of Paraguay. Your gift provides these children with an education that without you would not be possible.

– On the Solomon Islands students tender for tuition each year. With the assistance of teachers and principals, our sisters give priority to the poorest children based on the number of donors whilst taking into account all other registered children.

– Due to the conditions in these countries, we cannot guarantee that the child whose tuition you sponsor this year will be on the list for school next year . It may happen that the family moves to another island or place , the child may change schools or in extremely poor families must quit school and find work in order for the family to survive . We endeavor to give all children access to education but we cannot always influence the decision of a family. Family circumstances may also change and so every year our sisters reassess the needs and give priority to the poorest children, especially those they know will not be able continue schooling without aid .

– Benefactors can only make contact with the child they have sponsored through the project coordinator.

– To continue to support the education of the same child next year, payment for the current years’ tuition must be paid in full by 31 November 2014 and the first instalment for tuition in the subsequent year is to be paid no later than 31 December 2014.
– For further information please contact the project organiser .

 * The tuition fee is calculated according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank.

In Concepcion, our sisters work in a school that is owned by the Congregation with approximately 300 students and 7 educators . Opening only 4 years ago, it is the youngest community in the Province.

Of the 7 teachers, 2 teachers do not receive a salary from the state, so they are provided with a token salary from the sisters. This however does not mean they are less dedicated to the education and welfare of these poor children. The sisters raise the children in the spirit of the charism of St Vincent de Paul and teach the children all they know of their founder . The Sisters also collaborate in the local parish apostolate .

One of the main problems is the difficulty of educating children. Families are large, having as many as 8 to 12 children per family , and providing even the most basic tuition for so many children poses an insurmountable problem to parents. The sisters, with the help received from the Croatia, Australia and North America, have managed to find 112 sponsors for the 2012 school year.

Elementary (primary) school is a period of six grades , children then enter secondary (high) school . Secondary school is divided into 3 lower and 4 higher grades, the tuition fees range from € 100 to € 600 depending on the quality of the school and classes the student attends. Given the large number of requests for assistance in consultation with the directors of the secondary schools ,  we have agreed that the best assistance would be in the form of partial scholarships. This would assist parents in paying the tuition costs yet motivate them to try and pay the balance of the fees themselves.



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Account:  Družba sestara milosrdnica sv. Vinka Paulskoga – Zagreb
IBAN: HR41 2340 0091 5104 72627
 For schoolarship / Country: Paraguay or Solomon Islands

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